A Squeaky Dandy Lion

I don't know if i ever have heard a dandy lion squeak...

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I decided to visit the Boston Public Gardens today, to see the bench from Good Will Hunting, so I could pay my respects to one of my idols. I wasn’t alone, as crowds of young and old stood near, bound together by sadness.

Rest in peace Robin.

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Help, tumblr!!

Can one of you gif-making geniuses out there do me a favour? The thing my life needs more than anything right now is a gif of Robin Williams screaming “MOTHERFUCKER!” (it’s at about 1:37). I will totally worship you. It’s sort of how I feel about his death, when I’m not busy being sad.

Also, I will personally buy a drink for the first person I see at DragonCon cosplaying Rainbow Randolph.

Love, Cat

Anyone good at making gifs?

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